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The Landscape Nerd


The mission of the podcast is to share stories about people and landscapes. The podcast is an educational resource for anyone who is interested in the outdoor world! Each episode is treated like a mini-lecture, complete with resources.

With every episode, our community of landscape nerds grows! We exchange resources, and ideas, and offer a connection beyond any singular discipline. Check it out!

The Host/Creator

The Landscape Nerd Podcast was created by me, Maci Nelson. As I was finishing up my MLA at Kent State University, I realized that I wouldn't be surrounded by landscape nerds anymore, who would I talk to? Who would appreciate the placement of a boulder as much as I would? WHO?! 

I will tell you who- YOU!

I launched the podcast in 2020 as a way to talk about the landscape with people in all disciplines and from all regions. 

When I am not podcasting, I am a writer, crafter and, I work as a landscape designer in Cleveland, Ohio for DERU Landscape Architecture.


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